CEO & FOUNDER, Grupo VX9 Security

Specialist in Biometric Veracity, Applied Neuroscience for Politics, Marketing and Criminology, result of facial research and nonverbal language for 30 years in the US and Japan. Specialized in security, he has worked to solve cases of homicide, kidnapping and intelligence. Currently coursing a Master Degree in Criminology from the AIIF (International Association of Forensic Investigators) supporting both political and judicial institutions. He has served as a consultant in the application of Neuro Política with Mayors, Deputies, Governors and Presidential Candidates both National and International. Lecturer at the World Summit on Political Communication, in 2015 he served clients in Spain, the Dominican Republic, Peru, Costa Rica, the USA and of course Mexico. This year will be presented in Miami, Cancun, Buenos Aires, Paraguay, Colombia and conclude its year at the World Summit on Political Communication in Washington DC。